City Church

Student Ministry


OUR PURPOSE: We seek to keep building gospel maturity in our students and help them grow in deeper relationships with each other, their leaders and, most importantly, the Lord. On a weekly basis, our students meet in small groups that are broken up by age and gender and, sometimes, location to learn and study God’s Word and to foster biblical community at a young age.

OUR GOAL: In CCSM our goal is to develop passionate followers of Christ that are reaching our world! We challenge our students to EXPERIENCE God, to be EQUIPPED  with the truth of His Word, and to ENGAGE in sharing their faith with others.

OUR MISSION: Seek God. Make Disciples. Love Radically.

Mid-Week (9th-12th)

What is Mid-Week at CCSM:

Mid-Week is the weekly gathering of the CCSM. We’re dedicated to providing a place for students (6th -12th grade) to connect with God, with other students, and with older committed leaders that are dedicated to seeing students grow closer to Jesus.

Times and Location:

Doors open at 6pm

We start Service at 7pm

Pickup students at 8:15pm

We meet at City Church Texarkana in the ANNEX

City Church

Middle School



In our CCMS ministry, we seek to increase that strong, gospel-centered foundation in our students through learning and studying the Word of God and living out biblical community in small groups. CCMS is where our students get their first experience of what group life is like within the church. Our hope is to partner with parents in helping students go deeper with each other, their leaders and, most importantly, God.

CCMS meets every Sunday morning after worship during our 10AM service.